Essential Oils Sample Sale


doTerra Sample Sale


There are many uses for doTERRA oils! What are the health benefits of essentials oils? How much are essential oils? Would you like to try doTERRA? We have the answers to all of the questions! We have doTERRA in 1 ml sample sizes for you to try!

We’ve had so many people interested in doTERRA but they are nervous to “take the leap” and purchase the regular size bottles therefore we are offering these wonderful 1 ml sample sizes for everyone to try!

 We believe that once you try these wonderful oils, you will be hooked.

So we’ve come up with a way you can request a 1 ml sample of a doTERRA essential oil of your choice here without having to buy a whole bottle!


Just choose below the different oils you would like to try and click on the add to cart it is that simple!

Shipping is FREE so order as many as you like!

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